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Do you want to know what really turns you on?

Maybe you have an idea already, or maybe you have no idea.

Regardless, this assessment is for you if you want to know how to:

  • Expand your sexual satisfaction
  • Learn what could actually turn you on
  • Develop a healthier relationship with sexuality and arousal
  • Have a language to talk about what you want and like
  • Share your desires with your partner, more confidently
  • And most importantly… you can learn how to seek more pleasure!

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

And I’ll let you in on an important secret… arousal isn’t about simply doing “sexy” things — you’re way more sophisticated than that.

However, no one has told you the deeper secrets to finding your arousal and learning how to actually access the keys to unlocking your arousal potential.

But I’ve figured out how. And I’m going to help you get started.

My name is Kayna Cassard, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Sex Therapist, Pelvic Pain Relief Expert and Sexuality Specialist. Over the past decade I’ve been helping individuals and couples learn how to liberate their sensuality, connect more deeply, and ignite passion not only in their bedroom but in their lives overall.

This is one of the main tools that I use with my private clients and you can access it now, too. Complete the Arousal Architecture Assessment and you’ll receive a personalized design that gives you an informative picture of how your arousal needs are expressed in the 5 Secret Foundations of the Arousal Architecture Assessment.

Plus, you’ll receive detailed information about what each Secret Foundation means. This is what my private clients use to figure out what actually turns them on, then we dive deeper to get them to a more optimal state of living.

Doesn’t that sound nice? Well, you can have that, too! Let’s get you started…

For each statement, consider whether the statement feels true to you or not, then select whether the statement is True or False, to the best of your ability. If you believe that a statement is “mostly true” then choose “True” if the statement is “mostly false” then choose “False.”

My private clients find this to be most successful for them to think about what has been true in the past and could be (or is) true to them now.

Take the next 10 minutes completing the Arousal Architecture Assessment and get started on your journey of achieving what is difficult for most people to put into words: Understanding everything that could possibly turn you on!

Your answers will remain confidential and are only accessible by you.

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Fill out the form below (don’t worry, we won’t sell your information, ever) to learn how to understand your arousal system better. After all when we know what turns us on, the pathways to pleasure open!

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So, are you ready for it?

Your personal Arousal Architecture Design is:

Do you want to know what this means for you?

When my clients dive into using this assessment, they grow and connect better with themselves and their partners. Most importantly, they start to prioritize their pleasure, however they now define it. They become Pleasure Seekers! Continue reading on to learn how to join our movement in finding access to your Pleasure Potential!

Pleasure Seekers have used this revealing assessment to:

  • Learn about the subtleties of their arousal, specific to them
  • Find new ways to develop an easier (and less scary) relationship to sexuality
  • Communicate their needs better with their partner
  • Achieve more fulfilling intimate experiences
  • Increase their sexual confidence (and have less awkward moments — we’ve all been there!)

Unlock your Pleasure Potential:

The Arousal Architecture is an assessment giving you a visual image of which of the Secret Foundations are the keys to unlocking your Pleasure Potential. The size of each Secret Foundation tells us how important that particular dimension is to you in order to become aroused.

I tell my clients and other Pleasure Seekers that arousal isn’t always about doing a “sexy” thing. The key to arousal (for a lot of people) might actually be needing to make sure the laundry is folded or feeling like they are loved and supported, in addition to having the right parts of their bodies touched at the right time — and here’s a secret — many women don’t enjoy their partners going right for the sexual parts of their bodies, and many even tell me that this can actually be a really big turn off!

The goal with the Arousal Architecture is to start to undo the beliefs that we all get turned on in the same way.

With this assessment and the detailed information, we can learn to turn on our partners in much better ways!

Society has told us that the “usual things” (typically sexual or romantic) should turn us on. And that’s so limiting! Since you’re so much more sophisticated than that, the Arousal Architecture Assessment helps you learn about other possibilities that can actually turn you on in ways you never realized or could put into words.

So, do you want to know what each of your levels mean?

As my gift to you, I will email you the detailed version 5 Secret Foundations to Your Pleasure Potential so you can really access deeper understanding of how to become a Pleasure Seeker, too. With the detailed version you will gain access to exclusive information about what each of these Secret Foundations means for you, specifically.

For now, here’s the shortened version of the 5 Secret Foundations to Your Pleasure Potential.

Sexual Stimulation:

These are the “typical” ways that we’ve been told how someone can get turned on. They are the explicit sexual actions, thoughts, feelings, and desires. This tells us how important straight-forward sexual acts are in actually getting you aroused.

Embodied Experiences:

This category is about aspects of relating to yourself and others in a way that helps you feel “embodied” — bringing awareness to the present moment as well as being aware of your body, needs, energy levels, and moods. Being embodied is an important aspect of sexual (and overall) wellness and satisfaction and can be key to reaching high Pleasure Potential.

Mental Headspace:

The Mental Foundation is about the importance of the kind of “headspace” one needs to be in, in order to achieve Pleasure Potential. This foundation represents how important it is for one’s mind to be tended to in order for arousal to be activated or reached.

Energetic Connection:

This Secret Foundation relates to the emotional, energetic or intimate connection someone needs for arousal. This is usually in relation to another person or a partner but could also relate to having an energetic or intimate connection with ourselves or something spiritual in nature.

Erotic Exploration:

The Erotic Foundation to sexual arousal encompasses the things that are not typically included in society’s understanding of “normal” sexuality but are actually highly important (and healthy) to a lot of people’s arousal needs, whether they realize it or not. Another important goal of the Arousal Architecture (and my work) is to normalize how healthy different levels of eroticism can be, and to break stigmas that are often associated with certain sexual desires and behaviors.

There can be a wide range of aspects to the Erotic Foundation from something as “mild” as trying new sexual positions to the “wild,” such as engaging in BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadomasochism). This Foundation is about things that might actually push up against comfort zones in healthy and exciting ways.

So now, you too can use this information to:

  • Find peace that your arousal needs are normal and more sophisticated than what we’ve been told “should” happen
  • Expand your understanding of yourself and your needs
  • Put your Arousal Language into more expansive words
  • Communicate more effectively with your partner about your arousal desires
  • Enhance your Pleasure Potential for deeper sexual satisfaction using the Arousal Architecture Enhancement System my clients and students have found so beneficial

As an example, I often work with women and vulva-owners who have had unwanted pain during sexual intercourse (or can’t even have penetration because of the pain they experience). For them, “typical” ways of arousal (those that are explicitly sexual in nature) often don’t really turn them on. Whereas their partners might actually become very turned on thinking about explicit sexual acts or penetration.

Neither partner is “wrong” or “broken” or “demanding” — it just means that they both need to learn the many other ways that they can turn each other on and start to speak each other’s Arousal Language better.

Pleasure Seekers find that when they start to see their Pleasure Potential from this viewpoint, and their partners are responsive to what their Arousal Architecture reveals, their sexual satisfaction begins to improve!

It’s important to point out that a high level on a Secret Foundation doesn’t mean good or bad, it is just information for us. This isn’t about judgment of your levels in each Secret Foundation, it’s more about simply learning who you are, what turns you on, and what is necessary for your arousal.

If you have a concern about your level — if you want any particular level higher or lower — we can adjust it by using powerful interventions that I have created and taught for over a decade.

Now, do you want to know what you can do with this information?

For starters, hopefully this helps open the possibility that you have more access to arousal than you had realized!

Start sharing this with your partners, your friends, and become a part of the movement of Pleasure Seekers — the community of people who are tired of thinking their arousal is limited to what society has told us! We demand that our pleasure should be prioritized, however that looks to us. Join us in changing “mediocre” sexual experiences to fulfilled satisfaction of pleasure!

You can also learn how to tailor this information specifically to you and your life through individual coaching, therapy, or live events that I provide.

I currently have a waitlist to see clients individually, but if you want to dive deeper and learn how to have a much more satisfying sex life, the first step is a free consultation call with one of my specialized intake counselors:

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Here are your responses to each question:

If we are working together, it would be helpful for you to print this out (as well as your personal Arousal Architecture Design) and bring it to our next session!

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