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You’ve heard of The 5 Love Languages®…

Now, learn your Arousal Language

Welcome to the Arousal Architecture assessment – your gateway to a more profound understanding of your sexual desires and needs.

If you've ever felt unsure about what turns you on or you've struggled with sexual challenges like low libido, sexual pain, guilt, disappointment, or trauma, this assessment is designed just for you.

Your answers will remain confidential and are only accessible to you.

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Why take the Arousal Architecture assessment?

1. Powerful Insights, Tailored to You:

Discover your unique Arousal Architecture through a 50-question in-depth assessment that delves deep into your sexual preferences.

Gain powerful insights that go beyond the conventional, helping you understand your sexual arousal system on a whole new level.

2. Validation and Liberation:

Receive validation and confirmation that not everyone experiences arousal in the same way.

If you've faced challenges in your sexual journey, this assessment is here to affirm that your desires are valid and unique.

Embrace the freedom to explore what truly turns you on without judgment.

3. Free eBook for Immediate Implementation:

As a bonus, receive a complimentary eBook that guides you in implementing your assessment results into your daily life.

This resource is tailored to help you navigate your newfound insights, fostering a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience.

Your answers will remain confidential and are only accessible to you.

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How to take the Assessment:

1. Quick and Easy:

The assessment takes only about 10 minutes to complete.

Invest this brief time and unlock a world of understanding about unique desires.

2. Answer Authentically:

Respond to the questions to the best of your ability.

Even if a question doesn’t seem to fit you, trust that it's intentionally designed to provide you with the most sophisticated and personalized results.

3. Save Your Results:

If you wish to dive deeper into your answers or discuss them with a partner, save your results page as a PDF before navigating away from the results screen.

This will be helpful for more profound insights and meaningful conversations.

4. Enhance Your Therapeutic or Healing Journey:

If you're working with a sex therapist or coach to explore your sex life, arousal, or intimacy needs, save your results as a PDF to integrate these findings into your therapeutic discussions.

Take the next step towards sexual empowerment!

Embark on this journey of self-discovery and sexual empowerment.

Click below to start the Arousal Architecture assessment now and open the door to a more fulfilling, liberated, and authentic sex life.

Your answers will remain confidential and are only accessible to you.

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No more settling for a dissatisfying sex life.

Uncover the depths of your desires, validate your unique experiences, and implement change with our free e-book – because your sexual satisfaction matters.

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So, are you ready for it?

Your personal Arousal Architecture© Design is:

🔎 What to do with your results:

1. Save this page as a PDF to fill out your workbook (it will be emailed to you).

  • You can also use the PDF if you’re diving deeper with me or my team in our Sex Therapy Programs or Coaching Programs.

  • Book a Consultation Call by clicking here if you want our Specialists to help you.

2. Make sure to check your inbox for an in-depth workbook to help you get the most out of your results.

  • If it’s not there, check your spam.

  • If it’s in spam, mark my emknowingail as “Not Spam" so you get the rest of the free resources to help you over time. We love spoiling folks willing to share their email with us.💝

3. Feel more confident having conversations about the new paths to arousal you’ve uncovered.

  • Book a Consultation Call by clicking here for individualized guidance in more satisfying sexual and intimate experiences.

  • Definitely book a call by clicking here if you have sexual anxiety or pain or often feel disappointed or guilty about sex and your intimate relationship – we’ve helped hundreds of others and can help you, too.

🤓 Knowing your Arousal Architecture design will help you:

✓ Discover untapped arousal resources

✓ Learn surprising ways to turn on your partner

✓ Express intimate needs & desires better

✓ Open up new possibilities for better connection

✓ Achieve more satisfying sexual experiences

The goal of the Arousal Architecture is to undo the beliefs that we all get turned on similarly.

You might need the dishes washed, good conversation, or the room temperature at a certain level before you can even think about getting turned on. And that’s 💯 NORMAL.

The answers you need to understand your sexual arousal system better are in your Arousal Architecture design.

And armed with the eBook I sent you, it will all become clearer.

📖 Here’s a quick overview of the Arousal Architecture

Then check out the eBook in your inbox for more powerful info and action steps.

What is the Arousal Architecture?

It’s a new way of looking at arousal from a science-based, somatic, and expansive lens for people who know that the “usual ways” of getting turned on just don’t work for them.

Each “size” of the Arousal Dimension tells us how important that particular dimension is to you to become aroused (the higher the number, the more important that aspect is to your Arousal Potential).

Don’t get caught up in judging yourself based on the results – there’s no perfect answer! Only knowledge.

What are the different Dimensions of the Arousal Architecture?

Great question.

Read on for a little bit on each Dimension.

Then, check your workbook for examples and interventions for each Dimension.

Wait… “Interventions”???

Yes. You might not like that some of your Dimensions are at the level they’re at.

For instance, someone who thinks that they focus too much on Sexual Stimulation and would like to develop other paths to pleasure and arousal, like Energetic Connection.

They could use the interventions found in the workbook to help them with that.

Also, an intervention can help you identify more things to help you feel more comfortable and connected to your arousal system.

Our team of Specialists can also help with expertly crafted interventions for a more satisfying sex life.

Don't keep putting your sex life on hold. We can help. Book a Consultation Call by clicking here

Ok, so tell me about these Dimensions…

❤️‍🔥 Sexual Stimulation:

These are the ways that are commonly considered to turn someone on (even if that's not completely true for you). They are the explicit sexual actions, thoughts, feelings, and desires. This tells us how important straightforward sexual acts are in actually getting you aroused.

🧘 Embodied Experiences:

This Dimension is about aspects of relating to yourself and others in a way that helps you feel “embodied” — bringing awareness to the present moment and being aware of your body, needs, energy levels, and moods.

🧠 Mental Headspace:

This is about how important the quality of your state of mind is so that arousal can be activated or reached. You can think about it as the kind of “headspace” that will open up the path to arousal.

🫂 Energetic Connection:

This Arousal Dimension relates to the emotional, energetic, or intimate connection someone needs for arousal. This usually concerns another person or a partner, but it could also relate to having an energetic or intimate connection with ourselves or spiritual wellness.

💋 Erotic Exploration:

This Arousal Dimension contains the things that are not typically included in society’s understanding of “normal” sexuality but are actually highly important (and healthy) to a lot of people’s arousal needs. Whether they realize it or not.

There can be a wide range of aspects to the Erotic Dimension from something as “mild” as trying new sexual positions to the “wild,” such as engaging in BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadomasochism). This Dimension is about things that might actually push up against comfort zones in healthy and exciting ways. Think of this as playing with your Sensual and Sexual Edge.

Overwhelmed? We can help.

The Arousal Architecture assessment and design aren't like those "take-a-quiz-and-I'll-tell-you-things-about-yourself-to-get-you-on-my-email-list" gimmicks.

This is a high-quality, clinically developed, and science-based assessment created by the Founder & CEO of Sex, Answered, Kayna Cassard. She’s also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Sex Therapist, and The Painful Sex Expert. So she gets it.

Kayna developed this model because her clients kept telling her how disappointed they were with the current "sexual archetype" models. They had been struggling with sex for so long that they didn't know what aroused them anymore (or ever). Trying to fit in some overtly sexual model only made them feel worse.

Having been a pelvic pain patient and struggling with low arousal herself, Kayna overcame her sexual barriers and set out to create something to help her clients understand their arousal system and desires in more concrete ways that they could relate to.

It was a huge success! Not only did her sexual anxiety and painful sex clients find this incredibly helpful, but so did their partners and friends!

Kayna took this model on the road and presented it worldwide and online to professionals and fellow sex nerds.

And… drumroll please… we’re thrilled to announce that in 2025, it will be a published book you can buy online and in bookstores! Keep an eye out for it in your inbox when we launch next year.

At Sex, Answered. we have solutions.

We have a team of highly skilled clinicians and coaches who have been trained in the Arousal Architecture and are eager to help you find the most authentic and satisfying sex life.

No more settling for anxious or painful sex.

Get the connected sex life and intimacy you deserve.

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Here are your responses to each question:

⚠️ Make sure to save this page as a PDF so you can fill out the workbook we sent you with detail and use it with your therapist or coach for more in-depth assessment and intervention.

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